Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke

The newly married couple have been separated...

“Actually Victoria, Annabelle has gone to Scotland for the rest of the Season.” He explained as quietly and nonchalantly as possible.
“Pardon?” Victoria asked leaning forward as though she hadn’t heard properly.
“Annabelle’s in Scotland.” He repeated, struggling to remain smiling.
“I’m sorry Colin, I must have not have heard you correctly.”
Colin was not enjoying the play of emotions across Victoria’s face. She had never hid her feelings well, it was the one thing she did not seem to be able to do. He clenched his teeth together and tried once more.
“Annabelle’s in Scotland.” He said, this time louder and with more feeling.
“What did you do?!” Victoria screamed at him, swinging exasperated eyes heavenward and then fixing them back on his face.

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