Friday, October 12, 2012

The Rakehell Duke- a little naughty ;-)

I have recently made friends with an author who writes fantastic BDSM stories- she may be rubbing off just a little.

Clare felt the anger in her swell with her arousal. She wanted him too- but that didn’t mean he could have her!
She swung the riding crop with painful accuracy and connected with John’s backside.
He arched back, screaming in shock and pain.
“What the hell did you do that for?” John yelled at her, rubbing his behind furiously.
Clare couldn’t help the hysterical laugh that bubbled out of her mouth. He just looked so ridiculous, buttoned up and perfect in his riding costume; Rubbing his sore behind and swearing like a sailor.
“The last time you kissed me you asked me to be your mistress; I don’t intend to give you another opportunity to do so!”

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