Monday, October 22, 2012

Reluctant Duke- Daily Lines

As requested by a friend- Colin and Annabelle are back :-)

“Why are you laughing?” Colin asked her, happy to keep the stress at a minimum if possible.
“Because you knocked.” Annabelle giggled again.
Colin didn’t see what was funny about that.
“Well, this is your room.” He responded still not sure why she found his behaviour amusing.
“I know, and that’s the other funny thing. Couldn’t we just have one bedroom? My parents always did.” Annabelle asked, then blushed.
Colin couldn’t help staring at her. Did she want to share his bed every night? Even on nights that they couldn’t make love?
“Well, let’s start with two and see how we go.”  
It was unheard of in his society not to have two bed chambers. He knew some of his friends only visited their wives when then needed to conceive. What would they think of his wife sharing his bed every night?

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