Monday, October 8, 2012

Sneak Peek of The Rakehell Duke

The Rakehell Duke is my fourth in The Spares series and the one I am currently working on.
I had a fun afternoon writing it and thought I would share a little.
The background- John is a typical Rakehell and an aggorgant one at that.
Clare is an American lady who does nothing by the book and finds John's stereotypes
difficult to handle.

“Ladies first,” John indicated in the direction they were to ride.
Clare laughed and dug her heels into her mount. Her black horse fell into an easy rhythm as she pushed him into a gallop. It was obvious to John that the horse enjoyed Clare as his rider.
John groaned as his body responded to her once more. Images of Clare naked except for her riding boots and crop made him harder still. John dug his heels into his stallion’s side and set off after the devil of a woman who had bewitched him.
They rode over one paddock and cleared another fence. John concentrated on his horses rhythm and gave the stallion his head. It was obvious the animal was enjoying the chase. It had been too long for both of them.

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  1. I think John sounds very naughty indeed - Can't wait to read it :D