Monday, October 15, 2012

Christmas novella- Nanny Wanted excerpt

So tell me, Miss Quincy, are your parents still in Australia?”  Alex asked. 
“Ah, no.  They both passed away when I was sixteen, car accident.” 
Alex could have kicked himself.  He hadn’t meant to trample on a nerve, especially one about her family.
“I’m sorry,” was all he could manage.
“Oh its okay.”  Cara told him, not wanting to see him looking so uncomfortable.  It had been ten years, but it still hit a tender spot in her every time someone asked about them. 
She wondered if that loss would ever feel less painful.
“To be honest, I think that was one of the reasons I applied for this position.  I really am grateful to be able to help a child who has gone through a similar thing.”
Alex stilled for a moment and felt her words reach right down into his soul.  The realization hit him with the force of a cannon ball, this woman has more heart than anyone I know

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