Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sabrina Jeffries- Book Quiz

How well do you know one of my favourite authors?

Multiple choice so put the answers in the comments section :-)

Good Luck!

1. In which book was the hero told that he would never sire a child?
2. In which book is the hero referred to as the Dragon Viscount?
3. In which book is the heroine caught by her husband using a sponge to prevent conception?
4. In which book does the hero fight for guardianship of his neice?
5. In which book do the hero and heroine first make love in a pile of sheep fleece?
6. In which book does the hero believe it is his fault that his parents are both dead?
7. In which book is the heroine an authoress?
8. In which book does the heroine get nicely drunk on ale?
9. In which book does the Hero kidnap a ship full of convict women plus the heroine?
10. In which book is the heroine a widow with a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later?
A. Let Sleeping Rogues Lie

B. One Night with a Prince.

C. The Pirate Lord

D. The Truth about Lord Stoneville

E. To Pleasure a Prince

F. Married to the Viscount

G. A Notorious Love

H. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

I. Beware a Scot’s Revenge

J. Only a Duke will do


  1. 1. F. Married to a viscount
    2.B To pleasure a prince
    3. J Only a duke will do
    4. A let sleeping rogues lie
    5. I Beware a scot's revenge
    6. D The truth about Lord stoneville
    7. H How to woo a reluctant lady
    8. G A notorious love
    9.C The pirate lord
    10. B One night with a prince
    Hopefully I got all these right. Lol!