Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Review- When beauty tamed the beast!

One of my favourite authors is also a Shakespearean professor in NYC- the amazing Eloisa James.
Today I want to do a book review- my first- on her favourite novel of mine.
Favourite by a very small margin because all of her books I have read more than once.
"How Beauty Tamed the Beast," is quite obviously based around the fairytale Beauty and the Beast.
The Beauty in this case is a London beauty named Linnet. She is beautiful, charming and
intelligent. She is wrongly accused of being pregnant by a Royal Duke and instead of ostracism she chooses
to follow a London Duke to Wales in search of his long lost son- The Beast
The Beast is Doctor Piers Yelverton . He is a beast both in his size and temperament.
Linnet and Pierre together decided that they won't marry- and instead they fall in love in the
best way possible- during a freak storm.
When disease strikes Pierre's castle that he uses as a hospital- he sends Linnet away, telling
her that he doesn't love her. Of course he soon realises his mistake- but is it too late for the woman
who took the disease with her and away from the best doctor in Europe?

I absolutely loved this book- for several reasons. For one, the characters were unusual and also funny.
I love a book that makes you cry in the tragedy, laugh at the jokes and cheer at the end.
Eloisa James manages all of this amidst an array of quirky character's and terrific love scenes.
Eloisa James also has the fantastic knack of putting secondary characters and story likes through
the same book. In this one, whilst you are falling in love with Piers and Linnet, you are also chearing
on Piers' long estranged parents. A fantastic coupling!
All within the Regency period- my ultimate favourite!!!

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