Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am so wrapt to announce that The Reluctant Duke will be released in all ebook forms in November and Nanny Wanted will be released in December!
Haven't got exact release dates- but I know they are soon! Aagghh!
Excited! Stay tuned!

Knowing that Colin had saved the girl for her relieved some of Annabelle's tension. It did not change the fact that he did not stand up to his mother, but at least the guilt of the maid’s employment was not hanging over Annabelle’s head. Also having two ladies maid’s came in quite handy.
Annabelle put a hand to her chest to take a deep breath. She felt constantly out of breath these days, and often felt faint. She needed everything sorted out with her husband, her health was beginning to suffer.

Can't resist sharing ;-)


  1. These excerpts are amazing. Where will your ebook format be sold?? I'm eager to read the book from all of the mini daily excerpts you give.

    1. Thank you! What an awesome thing to write!
      My books will be available at Red Rose Pulishing website as well as Kindle
      and other ebook sellers :-)
      Will keep you up to date :-)