Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Nanny Wanted- Daily lines

This is my Christmas story- it is a contemporary romance :-)

“I hope it’s okay that we use the pool Mr. Grigorakis. I asked Andreas, I didn’t think to ask you.”  Cara added, wondering if she should have asked him also?
But Alex shook his head. 
“Amelia is my niece and you look after her.  Of course you may use any part of the grounds you like.” 
Alex looked relaxed in the pool, Cara decided.  No frown lines, no visible stress to his body, he looked, happy. 
“You like to swim too?”
Alex smiled,   “I love to swim, but rarely get time.” 
“And today…” Cara lead him to continue.
“And today…” Alex mimicked her tone, smiling. “I wasn’t getting any work done in my office so decided to clear my head.”
“And you feel better now?”  Cara breathed the question mere feet away.

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