Friday, October 19, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke

This is the first in my series- 'The Spares'
It is under contract and should come out in all ebook forms January 2013

“But Colin, I’m not sure if I could be a wife who would look the other way when you go to other women, or not care that you never came home. And I want children, lots of children....”
Colin took a steadying breath. It was understandable that she had fears about his ability to stay faithful, but it still rankled his pride.
“I will be faithful, Annabelle I have never wanted a woman as I want you. I don’t think that will ever change.”
Annabelle digested this and then asked, “Children?” 

Children? He had to produce an heir, but that wasn’t what she was asking. She wanted to know if he wanted children. Colin could imagine that any child of Annabelle’s would be loved and cherished in a way that he never had been. That knowledge made the idea of children much more palatable. The picture of Annabelle large with his child made him smile.
“I want children Annabelle, as many as you want. As many as you can give me.” He smiled at the thought. He would enjoy giving them to her.

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