Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Reluctant Duke- Daily teaser :-)

I love this scene- although its only a snap shot- it shows you where so much of Colin's conflict comes from.

“I’m not lying, I’ve never had a mistress, but I am aware that most men do. I was speaking the truth, I would marry you in an instant if I had met you two years ago.” Colin told her so earnestly and with such longing in his eyes that Annabelle’s anger evaporated.
“What’s different now?”
“Everything.” Colin said bitterly, turning away from her.
“My father once told me that I was born his spare, but he had no real reason to need one. He had actually wished for a daughter the night I was born. In ten generations the Dukedom has always passed from first son to first son. I am the only second son to inherit in my family and my mother has spent my whole life telling me I wasn’t needed... or really wanted.” He finished quietly.
“Oh, Colin,” Annabelle reached out her hand to touch his shoulder, consoling him the only way she knew how.
With a frustrated roar Colin grabbed her and spun, pinning her up against the wall.
“You will never know how much I burn for you, only you.”


  1. Does anyone want to know the very next line?

    “Show me,” she whispered recklessly placing her hands on his warm chest.


  2. Me, me! (raising my hand) Another line please!

  3. For you- anything!

    Colin moaned and swooped down for a ferocious kiss, plundering her warm and willing mouth with his tongue, all restraint gone.