Saturday, October 6, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke.

The Reluctant Duke is my first in 'The Spares' series.
Colin Lyre is the new Duke of Lincoln who is struggling with his new responsibility and new title. 
Annabelle Collins is the sweet vicar's daughter who wants to marry a man who can provide for her family.
Her sights are set on a gentleman in trade, no the most eligible bachelor of the season!

“I’m Annabelle by the way,” Colin's angel sniffed as she wiped her face again with his now soaked handkerchief.
“Oh ... well...” Colin stammered again, how did this beautiful woman keep flabbergasting him? He’d never been so verbally incompetent in his life.
“I think we’re past polite names don’t you? After all, you’ve probably seen more of me tonight than any one should before marriage.”
Colin was shocked by her honest and far too accurate assessment of the situation. It occurred to him if someone saw them in her current state of ‘dress’ it would be his head on the chopping block, or in the parson’s trap as the case may be.
“I don’t want to get married,” he blurted out louder than he should have, stopping her in their rather quick race to the front gate.
Annabelle chuckled.
 “I didn’t mean I wanted to marry you, my lord. I just meant that considering the state you found me in and after all you’ve done for me tonight, the least I could do was introduce myself as Annabelle and not Miss such and such, daughter of such and such.” She sighed loudly. “I hate all that.”

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