Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Valentine's Day Hop.

Hello lovely blog hoppers!
Welcome to my blog.
Well....what can I say about Valentine's day? The fourteenth of December is symbolised by love hearts, cupids, flowers and chocolate.
But for me it's a great excuse for people to be soppy, romantic and its appropriate for the day.
Personally I'm pretty soppy all the time and think romance can be injected into every situation, any time of the day.
My latest release 'England or Bust' was definitely out to prove that.
You can find love just about anywhere....even in an airport.
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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

“Yes…” Victoria began slowly, trying to see the problem that would cause Archie’s family. It was obviously a horrible way to die but why would that affect him?
“Well that’s horrible for his brother but what has that got to do with Archie?” Victoria glanced between her brother and his friend again.
Colin and John exchanged another one of those looks and Victoria clenched her hands into fists in her lap to keep from jumping to her feet and hitting one of them.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

As he was polishing Archie’s shoes, Archie noticed his valet’s posture. The normally starched appearance of the valet was slumped. What was wrong with the man?
“Jenkins, do you mind me asking you if something is the matter?”
Archie knew very little of his servants personal lives but he knew Jenkins was married with 3 children and he was a deeply religious person.
“Oh, nothing my lord,” Jenkins stammered, blushing a deep red.
Archie had known Jenkins for more than 15 years and he had never seen the man so ruffled.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

Archie looked away from his friend. He was so jealous of the emotion in Colin’s eyes that he felt quick sick with it.
“Daughter?” John picked up on the point that Archie had missed in his green haze.
“Yes. Annabelle’s decided this one’s a girl, and she was right the first time.”
“Yes?” Archie replied, looking at his cards and not letting Colin see the hope flaring in his eyes.
“Want to join me?” He asked lightly, but Archie saw the awareness in his eyes. Colin knew him better than almost anyone and Archie knew that he wasn’t doing a good job at hiding his eagerness to return to the ballroom.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

Victoria’s jaw dropped. She must have stayed that way too long because Annabelle actually leaned forward and pushed her jaw back up.
“You’re serious, it’s really that good?”
Victoria couldn’t believe what her friend was telling her. It went against everything her mother and her friends had ever told her.
“Yes, it really is.” Annabelle assured her leaning back in her chair again and smiling a secret smile.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

How would he feel if she married him and he got her entangled in his family’s scandal?- if it ever became common knowledge. Never, he would never do that to her. So he had to make sure he never kissed her again. Because the feel of her against him was like nothing he had ever known. And it wasn’t the long forgotten feeling of a woman pressed against him- it was her. It had always been her. He felt her very presence down to the depths of his soul and knew that if he ever had the misfortune to know her intimately he would lose his soul forever.

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

Victoria excused herself as well with the excuse that she needed to find refreshment but instead made her way slowly out the balcony doors and down the stairs that lead to the garden.
Her breathing was irregular and her heart was beating as heavily as though she had made a mad dash to the gardens, not walked as leisurely as she could not to raise suspicion. She had never been alone with a man before that was not related to her. What had possessed her to agree to meeting Archie in the dark, alone?