Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke

The newly married couple have been separated...

“Actually Victoria, Annabelle has gone to Scotland for the rest of the Season.” He explained as quietly and nonchalantly as possible.
“Pardon?” Victoria asked leaning forward as though she hadn’t heard properly.
“Annabelle’s in Scotland.” He repeated, struggling to remain smiling.
“I’m sorry Colin, I must have not have heard you correctly.”
Colin was not enjoying the play of emotions across Victoria’s face. She had never hid her feelings well, it was the one thing she did not seem to be able to do. He clenched his teeth together and tried once more.
“Annabelle’s in Scotland.” He said, this time louder and with more feeling.
“What did you do?!” Victoria screamed at him, swinging exasperated eyes heavenward and then fixing them back on his face.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sabrina Jeffries- Book Quiz

How well do you know one of my favourite authors?

Multiple choice so put the answers in the comments section :-)

Good Luck!

1. In which book was the hero told that he would never sire a child?
2. In which book is the hero referred to as the Dragon Viscount?
3. In which book is the heroine caught by her husband using a sponge to prevent conception?
4. In which book does the hero fight for guardianship of his neice?
5. In which book do the hero and heroine first make love in a pile of sheep fleece?
6. In which book does the hero believe it is his fault that his parents are both dead?
7. In which book is the heroine an authoress?
8. In which book does the heroine get nicely drunk on ale?
9. In which book does the Hero kidnap a ship full of convict women plus the heroine?
10. In which book is the heroine a widow with a tendency to shoot first and ask questions later?
A. Let Sleeping Rogues Lie

B. One Night with a Prince.

C. The Pirate Lord

D. The Truth about Lord Stoneville

E. To Pleasure a Prince

F. Married to the Viscount

G. A Notorious Love

H. How to Woo a Reluctant Lady

I. Beware a Scot’s Revenge

J. Only a Duke will do

Friday, October 26, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke

Colin paced the drawing room for the fifth time. Where was his wife? She had to be here before the first guests arrived and he could hear carriages arriving. He was just about to call for a footman when the butler announced her.
In Annabelle walked, all beautiful golden skin and hair the colour of sunshine. She saw him and made her way to him the way a compass needle points due north. A lump swelled in his throat.
She curtseyed before him and gave him a cheeky grin.
“Your Grace,” she demurred.
This was a small game for them.
“Your Grace,” he bowed back smiling.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rakehell Duke- another sneek peak.

The Rakehell Duke is fourth and therefore last in my The Spares series.
(John is also my naughtiest hero ;-))
It's what I'm currently working on and rather excited about!
A few lines to share perhaps?

“Of course you’ll marry. If you are next to inherit you will need an heir.” Clare flashed John a huge smile, then watched as his jaw clenched and a muscle in his cheek throbbed.
“I don’t have to do anything I don’t want to do. Why? Are you offering Clare? Would you like to be the next Duchess of Arrow?”
Clare heard the gasp of shock from Annabelle or Victoria, but didn’t look away from John’s handsome face. His brown eyes were blazing.
“Oh no, not me. I told you just last night I couldn’t marry a man who has slept with half of London.”

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


I am so wrapt to announce that The Reluctant Duke will be released in all ebook forms in November and Nanny Wanted will be released in December!
Haven't got exact release dates- but I know they are soon! Aagghh!
Excited! Stay tuned!

Knowing that Colin had saved the girl for her relieved some of Annabelle's tension. It did not change the fact that he did not stand up to his mother, but at least the guilt of the maid’s employment was not hanging over Annabelle’s head. Also having two ladies maid’s came in quite handy.
Annabelle put a hand to her chest to take a deep breath. She felt constantly out of breath these days, and often felt faint. She needed everything sorted out with her husband, her health was beginning to suffer.

Can't resist sharing ;-)