Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nanny Wanted- Excerpt

This is my contemporary (Christmas themed) novel due out this December :-)

Cara carried Amelia to bed so proud of the little girl in her arms and so unbelievably angry with the fully grown man who couldn’t tell his niece how he felt about her.  It wouldn’t have taken much to appease her.   An ‘I love you too’ would have been enough.  Hardly brain surgery, Cara snorted out loud. 
She could just see the head line now.  ‘Legendary Greek playboy and business wizard- a stuffed dummy when accosted by a two year old little girl‘s love!’
He was either one of those men that just didn’t say ‘I love you,’ or he was so moved by Amelia’s expression of love that he was stunned into silence.  She hoped it was the latter.

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