Saturday, April 20, 2013

The best seller list

The Reluctant Duke has been number 1 or 2 on Red Rose's best seller list since it released 9 days ago so thank you so much to everyone who has bought it!
Shall we celebrate by sharing an excerpt for the next book? The Ruined Marquis.
Yes... Meet Archie.

“You stupid, ignorant...” As Victoria started to wind herself up into a full blown attack, Archie gathered his courage and stepped into the line of fire.
“Lady Dunford,” Archie said loudly, stepping in front of Colin and bowing to her. “May I have the honour of this dance?”
Victoria shut her mouth and eyed Archie with disdain. Archie made sure his body language left her no room for argument and he stood in a way that completely blocked Colin from her line of sight.
“Of course my lord,” she managed, her eyes flashing daggers at Colin even while Archie led her away.
 Archie felt her hand on his arm like she was holding a burning flame to his coat. He had avoided dancing with her since her come out ball and this was why. He had always hoped that his reaction to her would decrease, hoped his body would learn not be so sensitive to her, but it had never happened. Archie pulled Victoria gently into a waltz position, (it had to be a waltz, bloody bad luck he had) and started moving her expertly around the room. Neither of them had spoken yet but her eyes told him volumes. Victoria had now divided her anger and Archie wasn’t sure if he fared worse or better than Colin.
“Go on, I know you want to,” Archie encouraged, schooling his face into his normal mask of politeness. He had thought that after a decade of pulling this face it would be second nature and no longer feel like a mask. But when he was with her, every feeling was intensified to the point of being almost painful.
“I have nothing to say.”
Archie bit back a smile. Victoria never addressed him, never had. He found it quite funny. He had no title so she couldn’t refer to him as that. He had never given her leave to call him Archie, and yet having been around her brother for most of her life she could really call him anything she wanted. And yet Victoria didn’t, she avoided referring to him at all, and if she was really pressed she occasionally called him ‘my lord’, with a wry twist to her lips. Victoria had a glass face, Archie could see every thought, every feeling there. At the moment though it didn’t take a person familiar with Victoria to see what she was feeling, it was there for the whole world to see. She was very angry.
“Lady Dunford,” Archie began and heard her hiss at him through her clenched teeth.
He had always referred to her as Lady Dunford, partly because it was her title, due her because of her fortunate birth but also partly because it annoyed her. For the first time since Archie had met Victoria, he didn’t ignore her glare or her hissing at him.
“Well, what would you like me to call you?” He snapped, letting some of his annoyance slip into his voice. Victoria’s lips parted in shock and her eyes widened measurably. Archie didn’t know if it was due to the tone in his voice or from his wording, but he couldn’t call the words back now.
Victoria opened her mouth to reply, then shut it again.
Archie waited, he danced them around the room and he waited some more. Victoria looked too beautiful when she was shocked. Her too full lips parted slightly and her bluer that blue eyes giving him a look like she was trying to read him. He knew she wouldn’t see anything on his face but it never stopped her from looking.
“Victoria,” she answered finally, her eyes wary.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Reluctant Duke is Live!

This is the buy link for the first of my Regency series.
Colin and Annabelle.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Reluctant Duke has a cover!

Short Blurb:

The Reluctant Duke is the story of Colin Lyre, recently inherited 10th Duke of Lincoln.
Colin has been told his whole life that he is unnecessary and superfluous to his family.
When he must deal with the responsibility and stress that comes with his new title, he flounders rather badly. He is determined to waste a few years of his life and then do his ‘duty’’ and marry an ‘appropriate Duchess.’ 
Life throws Colin into a spin when he rescues the beautiful Annabelle from a ball. He realizes how much better his life could be than he ever dreamed possible but doesn’t know if he truly deserves such happiness.
Annabelle wants nothing to do with the responsibility or grandeur of marrying a title. She wants nothing more than to marry a man who can provide a better life for her siblings and for her parents. Colin is Annabelle’s prince in disguise until she realizes what sort of life she should expect as his wife. Running away from her heart is harder than Annabelle realizes and she must soon decide between her husband and her own health.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ellie's gentleman

I'm really excited about my Sweet Regency romance that is due to be released soon.
May 15th, if not earlier! Yay.
Going through the cover art process at the moment, truly one of my most favourite things!
I am surprised how little Regency stock photo's are out there.
Which is how cover artists create covers.
They don't have models, camera's and costumes.
They have already taken stock photos on the internet- which makes it hard,
when we as the writers have such a specific picture in our head of who our characters
are and what they look like.
Regency period- which Ellie's Gentleman is set in, is very specific with their dress and I
really want it to be right.
I have to thank Steam E Reads for being so understanding though, and extremely helpful.