Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Daily Lines- The Reluctant Duke. Introducing Archie

“Oh bother.” Victoria muttered, startled at whatever she had just seen.
Colin turned to look in the direction she was looking.
“What’s wrong?” He asked, looking for something to justify her present stricken look.
“Here comes your sanctimonious friend.”
Colin was surprised, he’d never seen that particular look on Victoria’s face before. She looked truly uncomfortable, a faint blush rising in her normally pale cheeks.
“Archie? What’s wrong with Archie?” Colin asked, baffled. Victoria couldn’t be having such a strong reaction to his quiet friend could she?
“He always makes me feel like I’m a tease because I’ve refused more than one marriage proposal. I don’t know how he even knows about them.” She muttered.
“Everyone knows about the men you have turned down Victoria.” Colin smiled, happy that Victoria was the one feeling uncomfortable now.
“Well, it shouldn’t be common knowledge.” Victoria snapped, she was truly scowling now.
“Archie, old boy.” Colin greeted his friend, feeling better than he had in days.
“Your Grace, Lady Dunford,” Archie bowed politely at them both, low enough to indicate their rank but also his intimacy to Colin himself.
Colin scowled.
“If you call me Your Grace in company again, I’ll give you the cut direct.” 
Archibald Turner smiled at that, the expression lighting up his rather solemn face.


  1. Loving the book Georgiana. Am finding the characters coming to life off the pages and thoroughly enjoying getting to know them. I think my favourite character so far is Victoria.

    1. I am so glad Kate! I love Victoria myself- but I had a cousin the other day tell me how much she disliked Victoria's character- it's strange how we all like different things! Thank you for making me feel better about her :-)

    2. I like Victoria because, for that era, she appears to be a head of her time. She has this elite position in Society, yet acknowledges that the society as she knows it has faults. I see her as a person who likes you for who you are, not what your bloodlines are. Looking forward to reading more of the series.

    3. You are very spot on! :-) love it xoox

  2. Ok I'm new to you blog. i saw you on an eloisa james fb post. when i went looking for a author web page i couldn't find one. so are the these excerpts from your books, are the books out/for sale now? i checked on B&N but didn't find you there either. they look good i hope your not just a tease.

    1. You couldn't have said anything nicer! :-) I have a series contract for my series of four but the first isn't out yet- I've finished writing the first 3 so they are definetly real :-) I hit advised to start 'increasing my Internet presence' do I just started last week. Blog, email and Facebook page.

    2. 'was advised'- sorry. Please friend me on Facebook and I'll keep u up to date :-) thank you again, publishing moved at a glacial pace!