Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nanny in Paradise- Due out in December

She made her way to the dining room, glowing.
“Good evening.”
Alex turned to her, scowling slightly.
“Can you believe they’re sending out Christmas fundraiser invitations already?”
Alex threw the offending invitation onto a near by table.
“It’s only August!”
Cara laughed.
“Is that what you do for Christmas every year? Go to fundraisers?” She lifted a quizzical eyebrow.
Alex shrugged.
“We donate money, go to fundraisers, all that stuff.”
“No, I mean for Christmas Day.”
Alex looked taken aback and Cara smiled uncourageingly.
“No, Christmas I usually just got out for lunch with my parents, if we are in the same city at the time. Otherwise, it’s just another day.”
Cara felt her eyes widen in shock. Was he kidding.
“You’re joking.”
“No, why? What do you do.”
“Well, for the weeks leading up to Christmas I am usually decorating the house from top to bottom, depending on what my current boss allows me to do. I love having a huge tree but make sure most of the decorations are made by my charge. So we do painting, popcorn threading and clay baking for days. And then I bake.”
Alex swallowed loudly.

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