Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My current obsession

I am currently writing two stories.
One is a sci fi fantasy and one is a historical with BDSM elements.

This is an excerpt from Impossible Desires: the Historical :-) Enjoy

“I want a gentleman who doesn’t need money.”
Gareth nodded, not an unusual request for a lady.
“You have no dowry or inheritance?” He asked, pitching his voice low.
Lady Rossette laughed, the husky sound causing the hairs on Gareth’s arms to prickle up.
“Quite the contrary I assure you, my lord. However, I have no wish to become prey to a fortune hunter.”
Gareth smiled a rare smile.
“The gentleman standing by the punch ball has plenty of money and is ready to marry.” Gareth heard himself suggesting young Lord Werthing at the same time as his hand folded over hers. He wanted her for himself. She was a rare beauty, with a spirit to match. Everything inside Gareth was screaming MINE, but he stilled the beast within.
“Does he ride?”
Gareth felt his mouth kick up at the corner. Not unless riding meant in a carriage.
“Not well.”
“Does he box?”
Gareth wanted to laugh aloud at this one, his head growing a little giddy. He had never been entertained by a woman before, how peculiar to find the quality in one so beautiful.
“Not well.” He repeated.
“Do you know another gentleman my lord who perhaps has those attributes?”
 Gareth felt a grin stretching across his face as he pretended to scan the room. There was no other man in London who would suit her, other than himself.
“Perhaps you would come home with me this evening?”
Again she laughed her throaty laugh.
“Perhaps I won’t my lord. I play for keeps.”
Gareth felt his heart give a strange kick at her declaration. He chose to ignore it.
“And I play for fun.”
Lady Rossette squeezed his hand and sighed.
“Hmm, I know.”

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