Monday, November 12, 2012

Daily Lines- Nanny in Paradise

This is my contemporary Christmas story :-)

“Cara, I was hoping you would come to an agreement with me.  After last night I am convinced that we both enjoy each other’s company.  Am I correct?” 
Cara nodded.
“I cannot commit to a relationship but I was hoping we could still spend time together.  I have my work during the day and you have Amelia.  But I was hoping each night we could have dinner together and spend time together afterwards.  Would that work for you?” 
Cara stilled and forced the shock from her mind. He had just proposed an ‘employer with benefits’ arrangement and she was hard pressed not to be insulted by his offer. At least he was being honest with her, which was a good sign that he respected her.  But could she risk falling more in love with him when she knew he would stop their liaison once he had his fill of her? 

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  1. Aaahh. It just clicked that the name of this book is one of the ones I suggested!!! Glad I was able to provide something constructive to your work apart from telling you how much I love your writing.