Friday, November 9, 2012

Book Review- Cosmic Bounty

I have traditionally only read a very narrow genre of books.
Mills and Boon Sexy Romance and then moved on to Avon style Historical Romances.
Since delving into the writing side of things I have become more open to different
styles of writing.
My latest conquest was into the land of sic fi/fantasy erotic romance.
I have read- (more than three times I might add-) Cosmic Bounty by Angela Castle this week.
It is amazing.
Passionate, adventurous and full of strong heroes and one strong heroine!
The basic story line is this:
A woman called Kat is kidnapped from Earth. She is bought by Gol- the oldest of a set of
Quad brothers from the planet Galafrax.
In their world, only females are born singular, all male births are in identical quads.
Thus women are worshiped, guarded and protected at all costs.
The four brothers offer Kat love, protection and the most amazing pleasure of her life.

If you are like me, then you have never read a book with these sorts of dynamics- but do not be afraid
or repulsed in any way. The writing is amazing, the emotions plausible and you find yourself by the end of the book realising that Angela Castle has managed to give us the most amazing fantasy world imaginable!

If you love a well written romance, then this is for you. Irrespective of genre- this is fantastic
and I would highly recommend it.
Only warning is that it is not for the prudish!

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