Thursday, November 22, 2012

Daily Lines

I have been writing non stop to reach my target for NaNoWriMo.
Here's some more lines from my Historical BDSM elements story.

When Gareth arrived at her town house, he was surprised anew. She was in the most expensive street in London, not far from his home. She had no need for his money.
Smiling in triumph he reached for the door knocker. The door flew open before he could connect with the metal.
“Lord Osborne,” the young butler bowed.
Gareth scowled at the young man, wondering why such a handsome and young man had such a prestigious position. Was he Eleanor’s lover?
The butler paled and indicated a door to the right.
“Lady Rossette is expecting you.”
Gareth walked straight into the room, more angry than he had been in a long time.
“Gareth,” came the soft voice from behind him. Eleanor stood looking at a portrait of herself.
Gareth turned quickly and pushed his aroused body into her back.

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