Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nanny Wanted excerpt

“Oh my goodness,” Cara sighed when she stepped out onto her small private balcony and looked out.
“It looks like Greek Paradise.” 
Acres and acres of fig trees, olive trees, grape vines and a large indoor swimming pool.
“How do you like the room?”  
Cara squealed and whirled around,
“Oh, you scared me,” she laughed.
“I didn’t mean to,” Alex said coldly. “Well?”
Cara studied Alex; she didn’t understand why he was acting so coldly towards her.  His behavior was so mercurial; he really was the most unpredictable creature she had ever met.
Remembering his original question she turned her back on him to face her view and opened her arms,
“I absolutely love it.  How could you not, with a view like this?”
Alex moved to stand beside her.

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