Sunday, December 2, 2012

Impossible Desires excerpt

This is a work in progress but i love it.
It's a BDSM elements erotic romance :-)

“Then we shall start tomorrow.”
Eleanor kissed Gareth’s full lips for only a moment before standing up. She had to break the spell he had wound around her. She was the one in control.
“Meet me here at 11am and we will go riding.”
Gareth jumped to his feet, tugging at his breeches.
“On a horse?” He asked, one eyebrow quirked in a charming way.
“Of course. I need a man who can handle a horse.”
Eleanor watched Gareth’s smile light up his face. It was truly bewitching.
He took her hand and chastely kissed the knuckles, a gentleman to the bone.
“I will see you tomorrow.”
Eleanor watched him walk to the door before she called out.
“And don’t forget what I said, you may not touch yourself until I tell you that you can.”
Gareth’s face fell so quickly it was comical. He opened his mouth to say something, then slammed it shut again once he had thought better of it.
Eleanor curtseyed, Gareth bowed in return and walked out the front door.