Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Ruined Marquis Daily Lines

“Whatever do you mean that you would be giving up more than you gained?” Annabelle asked, clearly baffled. Annabelle was a vicar’s daughter who had married a Duke. She had gained a lot when she married Colin, not just emotionally but financially. Victoria laughed, wondering if Annabelle saw the humor in her question.
“I mean, legally my husband would own me. I would no longer have control over my own money or assets and he, to make matters even worse, would have access to my body.”
Victoria shuddered dramatically and she heard John mutter under his breath.
“And you wonder why men keep mistresses.”
It was well known to both of them that their father spent time with his mistress every week and all of the off Season. Victoria had told John her opinion on that.

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