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Meet Loretta Laird! Author of 'The Passers.'

Please make welcome fellow Steam eReads Author Loretta Laird, author of the Passers.

Tell me Loretta, What is the biggest thing you have learnt during your journey to publication?

Patience! It seems to be the easy bit waiting for a ‘yes’ from publishers now because you only really expect a ‘no’ from reading the experiences of many other authors so you press then send button with only a glimmer of optimism. When you get a ‘yes’ that’s when the hard work starts. Publisher’s questions, blurbs, author profiles, Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs! I spend more time promoting now than I do writing – or maybe it just feels like it! Then as your release day approaches, then in my case passes, it can feel like an eternity. Worth it when that “Happy Release Day’ picture comes popping up from SteameReads though!
I do feel very blessed that my journey has been quite a whirlwind one. I just got really lucky when I found SteameReads and submitted The Passers to them. They have since given me a contract for book 2 and a short Christmas story.
I have also learned not to check up on Amazon rank each day. It is rather like being the wicked queen on Snow White – the truth is sometimes disappointing!


The Passers is a fantasy romance set in the mythical world of Fellnesia. It begins when an Air princess is rescued by a handsome Passer. The resulting child, of this union, is a young girl called Jadara. Her destiny is to defeat the evil Greenflack and reclaim her birthright. She is aided by a group of nomadic warriors known as the Passers. Their role in Fellnesia is to assist with the passing of souls at the time of death. This talent was gifted to them by the ancient freegan, a powerful mix of dragon and phoenix. The freegan are now in danger and reach out to Jadara to save them from their cruel enslavement. Can Jadara achieve her quest without falling prey to the evil will of Greenflack or the roguish charms of a young Passer named, Adamen?

Please share an excerpt of you fantastic new Fantasy book! Thank you

Excerpt: Jadara’s sleep was all too soon disturbed by unpleasant dreams of the raven-haired Em. He was pacing around her grandmother’s house. In her slumber, Jadara heard the voice of Drew calling to her for help.
“I will return,” called Jadara. “I will come back for you.”
With a start, Jadara’s eyes flew open. She gasped as she saw the muscled form of Adamen leaning lazily on the frame of the bed chamber, regarding her with a satisfied gleam. He seemed larger than usual in the confined space of the tree dwelling and his manliness was hard to ignore.
“Troubled slumber, Princess?”
“I... I... dreamed about home.”
Her frank answer impressed him and her openness touched his heart. He did not deny that he had enjoyed the few minutes spent watching her. Concerned by her obvious distress, his instinct had been to scoop her up and comfort her in his protective arms. Alas, his thoughts then turned to carnal images of what he would do next. The lure of the bed next to her only encouraged his vivid fantasy. Adamen observed with amusement the change in Jadara’s breathing. He had had enough women interested in him to read the signs of arousal and knew from experience that he could just reach out and pull this beautiful she-mate into his practised embrace. The thought made him ache for her in his loins. His duty seemed to pale in significance as their two souls reached out to find each other.
Jadara squirmed under his scrutiny, aware of his smouldering eyes and taut body. She stood up, eager to avoid the vulnerability she felt looking up at him from the seat. Now there were two of them in the enclosed space and their bodies were just inches apart. Jadara allowed herself to imagine how Adamen’s arms would feel under the soft touch of her fingertips, how she could run her hands across his muscled chest. Her breathing became heavier as she let her mind wander to places lower on his body, imagining what she might find there.
Jadara stretched out a tentative hand and heard a low throaty growl from the warrior before her. Urged on by his passion, she touched the solid wall of his chest as a responding moan escaped her lips. Adamen lowered his head and his lips possessed hers. Fire leapt through her body and a heady glow filled her core. Her mouth responded instinctively to his and she moved her lips with a furnace of passion inciting her on. Adamen appeared delighted by her primeval ardour and began to lower his head to trace a trail of burning kisses down to her breast. His hand grasped her thigh and crushed her wanton body against the timber wall behind. Jadara dug her nails into his back, climbing up his solid frame and wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. If she could have climbed inside him she would gladly have done it. Adamen was not sure how long his resolve would last as he lifted his head to gaze down into the amber eyes, flecked with sparks of desire.

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  1. Awesome post and interview. Loretta's book sounds great! Haven't read a Fantasy romance as of yet or for a while now so thanks for introducing me to a new to me author. I'll have to check this out. :D