Friday, May 17, 2013

New Release

Ellie's Gentleman is officially released.
Here are a few of the links.

And to celebrate- here is something I wrote today!
I have decided to give Ellie's father a story!

Working title: William’s lady.

Chapter 1.
William sat in his library and watched the minute hand on the clock tick past the three. Oh God, he was far past bored.
Ellie had been married for almost a year and he missed her dreadfully. He had even lost enough weight to require new clothes. His belly was gone.
Without Ellie around to nag him to eat and tempt him with cook’s best desserts, he was just not interested.
“Excuse me, my lord.”
William sat up straighter in his chair and called to the butler.
“Come in Jenkins.”
The butler walked forward and handed William a letter.
“A letter from Miss Ellie, Sir.”
William snatched at the letter without meaning to and gave the butler an apologetic smile.
“Thank you Jenkins.”
The butler bowed and William tore open the letter.
Ellie wrote weekly, yet it never diminished the pleasure he got from seeing them.

Dear Father,
I am writing, once again to invite you to visit our home. I know that you believe Robert and I need time to establish ourselves, however I now have happy news to share.
I am expecting a baby and it will be here in the next month.

William gasped. “You didn’t tell me!” He continued reading.

I have been told it is unladylike to write about such things but as a married woman without her mother I am requesting the presence of my father for the birth of his first grandchild.

William stood up and finished reading as he began walking out and into the hall.

I expect you soon.
My husband sends his regards and I send my love
Your daughter
Ellie Blakely.

William smiled as he tucked her letter into his jacket pocket. Ellie loved her new name and was so proud to be married to William’s own best friend.