Sunday, May 5, 2013

Monique McDonell's new release!

1. You described this book as Chick Lit- could you tell me, a newbie- exactly what that means?
Chick lit falls under the umbrella of women’s fiction. It tends to be slightly quirky and humorous and tells the stories of women struggling with the day to day challenges of work, family and love. It has romantic elements but romance isn’t always the main storyline issue. These are often books set in contemporary urban settings and the stories are frequently told in the firsts person, from the main character’s point of view all of which is true for Alphabet  Dating.
2. Tell me how you came up with such an awesome idea as to date a man who's name starts with every letter on the alphabet?
The character of Serena appeared to me, as my main characters in my books often do, and when I saw her she was being hassled by all her friends who wanted to set her up and help her find love. Serena thought that was a terrible idea but her friends (and my imagination) got carried away and came up with the Alphabet Dating Plan. At the time I had several single friends and there were stories in the media about how women should ask their friends to set them up because our friends and relatives know us better than a website would and I guess it got me thinking.
3. This is your third book released. How is this story different to the others and what did you enjoy most about writing this one?
This book is different from the others because it is set in New York, as opposed to Australia where the other two were set, but main character is Australian. I think this book is really about friendship as much as anything and while my other novels feature that, I think it’s probably a more dominant thread in this book. I hope what this book has in common with the others is that it is light and fun and makes the reader smile.
4. What's next for you? Are you working on a new ms, or do you already have something else in the pipeline?
I have manuscript for a romantic comedy that I am in the editing process with right now. It’s called Building Attraction and it should be out in July 2013. I’m also working on the sequel to my first novel Mr Right and Other Mongrels, including a research trip to L.A in June.
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