Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ellie's gentleman

I'm really excited about my Sweet Regency romance that is due to be released soon.
May 15th, if not earlier! Yay.
Going through the cover art process at the moment, truly one of my most favourite things!
I am surprised how little Regency stock photo's are out there.
Which is how cover artists create covers.
They don't have models, camera's and costumes.
They have already taken stock photos on the internet- which makes it hard,
when we as the writers have such a specific picture in our head of who our characters
are and what they look like.
Regency period- which Ellie's Gentleman is set in, is very specific with their dress and I
really want it to be right.
I have to thank Steam E Reads for being so understanding though, and extremely helpful.

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