Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring Blog hop

My name is Georgiana Louis.
I write sweet and sexy romance. Either contemporary or Historical- Regency.
My favourite thing about Spring is the pure relief from the cold weather. The cold mornings and cold nights but the beautiful sunny days. Of course, down in Australia Spring is September, October and November.My hearts desire for this Spring would be a holiday- preferably somewhere lovely and hot. Spain, Hawaii... I'm not picky ;-)

I have a new release coming out in a few weeks. My first Regency story in a series about four friends. Inspired by all of those connected books I have read and LOVED, by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Sabrina Jeffries and Stephanie Laurens.
Here is a short excerpt and please feel free to follow my blog if you like the sound of the story- I post excerpts constantly as I enjoy reading them the most.

My prize for the blog is a copy of my e-book The Reluctant Duke when it releases it April. Also a quick dry nail polish- a must for all girls!

If you would like to go into the draw to win please leave a comment regarding my excerpt, the colour of nail polish you want and an email address. I will contact the winner a day after the hop finishes. I may pick two people- so keep those comments original! :)

Happy reading:
Annabelle smiled at that, although the smile did not quite reach her eyes.
“I need someone with, well...”
“Money,” he sighed, finishing her sentence for her.
“Yes, unfortunately.” Annabelle sighed just as heavily and leaned back against the railing beside him.
Colin looked up, confused. She had just admitted to something no other woman would openly admit to, but yet sounded so sad about the fact.
“Why unfortunately?” He tried to keep his tone light. This may be one of the only times he got to hear her real opinion. He knew that as soon as she found out who he really was she would doctor her opinions accordingly.
“Well, I very much would like to marry for love, my parents have a wonderful marriage and I have always hoped for a similar thing myself. My parents want to give myself, and my brother and sister a better chance at marrying well but they only have money for one Season. As I’m the oldest I need to marry someone who can help my family. If I marry a penniless wastrel my sister will never get to have a Season and my baby brother will never go to Eton.” She sounded teary again and Colin fought the urge to wrap his arms around her.
He laughed to try and break the tension.
“Well just make sure you fall in love with someone who can support your family.”
Annabelle looked awestruck for a moment and then her wide, full mouth broke into a huge grin.
“I’ll try.” She said and then laughed. She laughed loudly and with her whole body.
A grin unconsciously stretched across Colin’s face now, he’d never heard a lady laugh like that.
Annabelle clapped one hand over her mouth to stifle the sound and the other to her trim belly trying to hold in her laughter.
“I shouldn’t be too loud, people will come over to find out what we’re talking about and ruin our conversation.” She joked, looking back at the ball room full of people.
That pulled Colin out of his idleness. He needed to know how she felt about titles before someone stupidly told her who he was. 


  1. I like Colin already!

    pink is the color of choice I think ;)

    thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Poor Annabelle, she wants to marry for love, but thinks she must marry for money...I wonder if she can have both????

    Pink polish for me please
    rilekat2 at gmail dot com

    Thanks for the chance!