Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Reluctant Duke excerpt

“I’m going to have our baby Colin,” Annabelle admitted, standing up and moving towards him. Colin stood immediately in reflex. Annabelle reached for his hand and pulled it to her distended belly.
Colin swallowed uncomfortably but allowed her to bring his hand to her belly. That first touch of his hand on the hard bump that concealed and protected his child brought a lump to Colin’s throat. He brought his other hand up as well and held his child with both hands. The baby moved in response and Colin felt the telltale shift of flesh. Startled he dropped both hands away.
Annabelle laughed, pulling his hands back to her, “He’s just happy you’re here Colin.”
“He?” Colin asked gruffly, drawing Annabelle onto the chaise lounge so they could sit together.
“I have decided it’s a boy.” Annabelle stated, obviously brooking no argument.
“Alright,” Colin sighed, “I have missed you so much” as he brushed the hairs at the nape of her neck with his fingers.
Annabelle could not stop the instant tingle in her belly at his words and the sharp change in her body’s awareness as it recognised him.
“I have missed you too,” Annabelle moaned as Colin’s mouth descended, capturing her mouth in a kiss so sweet and gentle that it brought tears to her eyes.
After a moment Annabelle tugged him to his feet.
“Let me show you my bedroom,” She told her husband, confident in his need for her she decided it was time that she showed him how much she wanted him

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