Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Reluctant Duke- excerpt

This is an excerpt from The Reluctant Duke. Due out 21st Feb, (fingers crossed)

“I’m sorry you have been so miserable Annabelle.”
“Oh Colin...” Annabelle cried, ready to tell him how much she would miss him, how much she loved him, how much she wanted her baby to bridge the chasm between them.
She was stopped by the look in his eyes. Annabelle saw nothing but regret and loathing. Whether it was directed at him or her she did not know but she knew this was not the time for such declarations. Especially with her emotions on the verge of no return.
If she declared her love only to be rebuffed she did not think her heart could bare it. She would have to wait until her armour was a little stronger. Standing up with as much grace as she could gather she said the last words she would say to her husband for months.
“I’ll go and start packing.”

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